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Bio statement Phan Dung is a mountainous town of Lien Huong about 20 km in the district of Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. Social the this high only have a single path to go down. The number of people living here not enough to divided into administrative units at the village level. But the baby's as do those for the guests who travel international have visa Vietnam first set foot to this place more overwhelmed by green forests teemed with only a primary school and CPC hundred yards. The forest trees as far as the eye stretching to the border with Lam Dong and Ninh Thuan as, the tiny, solitary of Phan Dung.There are two appropriate times for you to come to Phan Dung, one is from January 12 to march 2 of the calendar. Came here at about month 12 to month 2, this is not the peak of the dry season, the weather is not too hot, not in the blue cloudless, very suitable for the jungle. If to to games year 7, 8 the board will see the vineyards laden with fruits, the steppe green along the hills covered with a purple hue of his tender by the steering wheel. Because tucked away deep in the mountains, almost separate from the outside. So here not have a motel or hotel to sleep again through the night. But you can apply to at home ethnic people Sprinkle-spread good-hearted. Those of you who love nature, passionate about trekking, it is best to carry tents, sleeping night, the streams murmuring, or on the hill of purple flowers, dreaming.
Source: Du Lich

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