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Rogers, Pamela
Rosenberg, Anthony James, University of São Paulo


Salahuddin, Abu
Sandretto, Susan, University of Otago
Schmidt, Sandra, University of South Carolina
Smith, Bryan
Snaza, Nathan, University of Richmond
Soares, Lina Bell
Stanley, Tim J.
Stanley, Tim
Stein, Sharon, University of British Columbia
Steinbach, Elizabeth, The University of Texas at Austin
Sun, Lina, Saint Louis University
Sutherland, Dean
Svendsen, Jesper Tinggaard, Department of Language and Communication


Taddei, Renzo, University of Rio de Janeiro
Takaki, Nara Hiroko, State University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Tallon, Rachel
Tateishi, Doug
Tavares, Roseanne Rocha, Federal University of Alagoas
Taylor, Lisa K
Te Aika, Lynne-Harata, University of Canterbury
Thornley, Christina
Tsafos, Vassilis, University of Athens
Tsakona, Villy

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