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Lindø, Anna Vibeke, University of Southern Denmark
Lopes, Carlos Renato, Paulista University, Brazil


Marmer, Elina, University of Hamburg
Martin, Fran
Martins, Leticia
May, Laura, Georgia State University
McDonald, Trevor
McQuaid, Nora, Global Dimensions in Schools, Northern Ireland
Meier, Nicholas S, California State University Monterey Bay
Messekher, Hayat
Metliss, Miriam
Mikander, Pia, University of Helsinki
Monte Mór, Walkyria, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mosley Wetzel, Melissa, The University of Texas at Austin
Murphy, Timothy


Nicolson, Michelle, University of Oulu


Odora Hopper, Catherine, University of South Africa


Pashby, Karen, OISE/University of Toronto
Peterson, Katie, The University of Texas at Austin
Pinar, William, University of British Columbia
Pollard, Barbara A, PhD students university of windsor


Rahaman, Mahbubur
Rasheed, Mollah
Reid, Alasdair Gordon, Teacher of Secondary English
Robinson, Andrew

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