Vol 9, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Introduction: An Imperfect Struggle with Gayatri Spivak PDF PDF
Gabriel Huddleston, Mark Helmsing 1-3


Double Binds, Ab-uses, and a Hopeless Hope: Epistemological Possibilities and Sensual Questions for Spivak’s Introductory Framing of An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization Abstract PDF
Walter Gershon 4-16
An Awkward Stance: On Gayatri Spivak and Double Binds Abstract PDF
Gabriel Huddleston 17-28
Complicity, Ethics and Education: Political and Existential Readings of Spivak’s Work Abstract PDF
Sharon Stein, Vanessa Andreotti 29-43
Audacious Translation: On Being Haunted and Getting Lost on the Way to Translating Spivak. A Reflection on Spivak’s “Translating into English” Abstract PDF
Susan R. Adams 44-48
Class Time: Spivak’s “Teacherly Turn” Abstract PDF
Nathan Snaza 49-61
Literalizing the Metaphor of “Crisis”: Spivak’s “Terror” Abstract PDF
Jennifer Job 62-71
Notes on Spivak: What’s Left of Theory? Abstract PDF
Robert Helfenbein 72-78

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