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Buy Zoom Stock

by steve Nash khan (2021-03-25)

In response to golpe do Brasil

The ticker symbol ZM is used to represent Zoom's stock on the NASDAQ exchange. If you want to purchase Zoom stock, you must do so through a broker. To buy

zoom stock

, you'll need to open a brokerage account if you don't already have one. Full-service or online/discount brokers are the two types of brokers available to inexperienced investors.

Before the Covid-19, Zoom's earnings and profits were increasing. Despite low single-digit EPS, its Video Communications segment EPS has risen from 275 percent to 800 percent over the last three quarters. Quarterly sales growth has ranged from 78 percent to 182 percent over the last eight studies. Last quarter, ZM Stock posted EPS that was 114 percent higher than analysts' expectations.

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