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Is Excel On Mac Different?

by grace edens (2021-12-16)

Did you have to transpose the information from a printed sheet into Excel manually? Wouldn't it be more efficient to snap a photo and let Excel complete the task for you? Yes it would be and we couldn't be more.

With the brand new Data from Picture feature in Excel for Mac it is possible to insert data from a clipping of a screen onto your clipboard or an image file downloaded from computers, or the camera of your iPhone camera. You don't have to type every single details. Excel will do it all for you!

How It Works

  1. Choose any (or one or) one or more of the alternatives listed below to digitize the content you'd like to digitize

  • Select Insert > Data From Picture > Picture From File.

  • Copy the picture of the table onto your clipboard. Take an image of a table using SHIFT+CMD+CTRL+4, after which you can select to insert data from the picture. from Clipboard.

  • Right-click on a cell, and then select the option to Scan documents (requires an iPhone that is configured to utilize Continuity Camera). Be sure to have great light and focus the information before pressing the button to capture the image. If you're happy then tap Save for sending the image to Excel.

  1. Once you've taken a image of the data you would like to transfer into Excel The Data from Picture dialog box is displayed and displays how it is analysed.

  2. Check your results, and then make adjustments required.Then select Insert Data.

Scenarios To Try

  • Scanning data from magazines or books. If you find intriguing data in a magazine or book and you want to utilize it in Excel it is an excellent method to avoid typing. If you're using an iPhone then right-click inside Excel in your Mac and choose Scan Documents. Your iPhone will turn on. After that, you can snap an image of the data and follow the instructions on screen to upload the data to Excel within a matter of minutes.

  • Screen capture of tables from a web site. If you've ever attempted the process of copying information from a web page and noticed that the format appears different when you paste it than it was on the site. Instead, try to take an image from the table (by pressing the keys SHIFT+CTRL+CMD+4 to your Mac) and then choose the option to insert data from a picture and then select Picture from Clipboard. Follow the steps on the screen, and you'll find exactly the information you're seeking.

  • Take a photo of printed data. Perhaps you'd like to transfer the data from your return to tax into Excel and only have printed copies. Take a photo of each, and then copy the images into the computer on your Mac (OneDrive is ideal in this regard). After that, click Insert and choose Data From Image > Picture from File. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to convert your image into data.


This feature is accessible for Office 365 subscribers that are Insider Fast subscribers on version 16.36 or higher.


We hope you like this new and powerful method to transfer data into Excel easily We'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Click the Feedback button in the upper-right corner of Excel and inform us of your thoughts.

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