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How Can I Know If My Office Product Key Is Genuine?

by grace edens (2021-11-29)

Every software application installed on your laptop or computer requires the product key. This is the exclusive code created especially for you. This guarantees that only you have access to the program. A single product key is only valid one time for the software in question.

But, in the world of online, clever minds discovered an alternative to this and began making use of the software without the software legally. Naturally, this resulted in a disaster for the software creators.

To prevent this from happening and to deal with the issues businesses began to promote their subscription modules instead of the purchase module. Certain software companies began advertising monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions, instead of offering the full ownership.

This action was taken to stop counterfeit software. The giants such as Adobe and Microsoft are also not selling an application or software license or software. They also are promoting subscription-based models. Although you are able to purchase an unlicensed version using an activation key for the product but it is not a great idea.

The new subscription model caused to confusion among the people who subscribed, they believed that they couldn't purchase the product key through Microsoft or, that the product key they already have is no longer authentic. This misperception led them to third-party sellers for keys to their products. One of the biggest risks was that there were a few third-party sellers who were selling genuine keys.

When You Need Microsoft Office Key?

You'll need you have the Microsoft software key when installing Office in the first instance on your computer or laptop. You may also require it for updating or installing Office. There are two methods by the way you may have received the Microsoft Office.

  • Or you purchased it at a retail store or bought it

  • You bought it on the Microsoft site.

In both instances the purchaser will be issued an Office product key. If you purchased Office on an online website You must follow what follows:

  • Open the official Microsoft site -

  • In the upper right-hand corner, you'll access the Sign-in feature.Enter your login ID and password you used when purchasing the product.

  • After logging in, click Your name at the upper right hand corner, then click on Order History.

  • Find your purchase, then Click Install Office.If you click this, it won't actually install Office however, it will only display the key to your product.

  • If the window for key to product is displayed, click Install Office again.

  • The next window will show an inviting message "Hi.Let's get our office" Follow the prompts by the message, then enter the key for the product and then install office.

It is a Microsoft Office key is authentic because it was generated through the Microsoft Store's official Microsoft Store online store.

If you purchased Office from a local shop then you must follow these steps to set up Office:

  • Start the Office app that you purchased.The app will take you to the sign-in screen.

  • In the sign-in screen Select "I do not want to sign in or sign-up for your account".

  • In the next screen you will need to enter your product's key and the Office Product Installation will begin.

Here's the moment to focus on

How to Check if the Product Key is Genuine?

These easy steps will assist you determine whether you are sure that the Microsoft Office key is genuine or not.

  • Click here to open this page

  • Input your credentials for Microsoft account and then click on next.

  • After that, you will be taken to the "Enter Your Product Key' window.

  • Enter the Product key you own.If your key is valid and you are redirected onto the Download Setup file window. If your product key is not legitimate, then you'll be able to see an error message similar to that image below.

In the event that your product key works for different versions of Office such as Office 2007, Office 2010 or Office for Mac You will be directed onto this webpage. Here you can input your key to the product and then download the correct version.

Microsoft will not ever directly notify you to you that the key for your product isn't genuine. If, however, you've been scammed and received an unauthentic product code, the system will be a red flag. There is a good chance that you've been scammed If you receive the error messages.

If you bought Office from a reputable seller, there's a good chance that you will be able to return to the store, make a report about the counterfeit key and obtain the proper one. But, obtaining it to alter or requesting an exchange will be beneficial in the event that you bought the item from a random online vendor.

It is recommended to purchase software and apps through the official Microsoft store's website. The odds of purchasing counterfeit keys are nearly zero. If for any reasons you are not able to buy it on the official website, consider buying it from a reputable and reputable vendor.

A better option is to opt for an Subscription model and then renew your license according to your requirements. This is a more secure method because: One You are not at risk of being a victim of counterfeit sellers. Two , you can have the option of renewing or cancelling your membership on a monthly or annual basis as per your requirements.

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