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How can I add a new keycode to Webroot? -

by grace edens (2021-10-14)

Activate or Renew Webroot Secureanywhere If You Already Have An Encryption Keycode

Downloaded Webroot setup from the site, it may not require a Keycode to activate However, if you did not follow the steps and you must follow instructions to renew or activate the program.

  • Open Webroot SecureAnywhere that you downloaded from webroot safe or any other.

  • Visit "My My Account" and then look for the " Activate New Keycode" field. New Keycode" field.

  • Enter the 20-digit number you utilized at or any purchase you made recently and then click on to activate.

  • If you are required to, log in using Webroot account and go through the the prompts to complete the activation.

How do I download or install Webroot again? SecureAnywhere?

If you experience problems with the software that you downloaded via the website, you can uninstall the Webroot program using the Control Panel > Programs Secure Anywhere Uninstall. If you've got an activated Webroot keycode, you can use the code on Webroot to download the program again and then reinstall the setup. You can also use the Webroot site to re-download Webroot.

If you are still experiencing issues then use the malware tool and eliminate all malware from your computer and then try to reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere.

You're close to being secured; just follow the steps in the following steps to set up Webroot;

  • Visit site.

  • Enter the email address that is linked with Webroot login.

  • You must enter the 20-character Keycode.

  • Next, go to page.

  • Follow the directions to complete Webroot download and install.

Webroot Login to create an account with Webroot. Webroot Account and sign in with Webroot Console. Webroot Console

Discover how to set up an account on Webroot account and the best way to begin with Webroot login. Follow the for steps below.

  • Open or Webroot Console site.

  • Select from the menu Create Account (For new users)) Or Log In (for already existing users).

  • Complete all mandatory information such as Keycode email, password security code, keycode.

  • If you decide to use the website, you can click My Account at the top of the page.

  • Follow the steps 2 and 3. Click Register Now. Then, confirm the Webroot account.

  • Check out your luck with the Webroot log-in page by visiting as well as get the download of

Where can I obtain the CPM?

  • Open any browser on the internet and navigate to

  • Enter an email address for your current email address and the keycode.

  • Tap Next.

  • If you are already an Webroot SecureAnywhere user, then sign in using your credentials.

  • If you do not have an account yet, then you can sign up by registration.

  • Choose the best product for your needs.

  • Choose a subscription package you find most suitable.

  • You'll be able to download the setup files on the site. It is likely to be found inside the Downloads folder.

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