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babies start talk ?

by Kerem Kahya (2020-03-05)

You have successfully completed the first few months with your child, and now you are right to ask yourself when your baby will start talking. Like many other aspects of child development, the path to the first word is very different from baby to baby. So when you say, When Do Babies Start Talking? I have some interesting facts about it.
How to encourage for talking to kids ?

Whether the first word or the first whole sentence, you as parents make a big contribution. With little you can help your child a lot. Here are five tips for you so that the first “mom” can slip faster:

Talk to your child as often as possible. Even if it doesn't understand anything at first, it will find your voices and the language incredibly exciting.
Baby talk is tempting and can sometimes make sense. Nevertheless, you should always speak to your child in full sentences.
Read to your child regularly. You can find suitable children's books here.
Through rhymes and nursery rhymes, your child develops a feel for linguistic melodies.
Encourage your child to speak. This also includes not always improving it immediately.

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