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Method To Fix Flashing Black Box In Window 10:

by grace edens (2022-01-07)

If the user face Flashing Black box in Window 10, then it can be fixed by checking your display adaptor and update driver. For more info associated with Window 10, go to

Fix Flashing Black Box In Window 10:

  • Check Video Adapter Drivers:

First in your keyboard, you should press Windows Key + R altogether to open the run box. After this, you should write devmgmt.msc and then tap on OK button. Now, you have to find your display adapter and then right-tap on it. Here, you should visit to the Update driver software option. In case the update is available, then you should let the wizard complete updating process. At the end, Restart your PC.

  • Use DISM Command Tool:

You should right-click on the Start Menu button and then select Command Prompt. If you view User Account Prompt, then tap on Yes option to grant admin privileges in the CMD window. After this, you should enter the line and then tap on Enter key: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Now, the DISM command will scan your computer system for issues and then provide you the solutions.

  • Run SFC Scan:

First of all, you should visit to Search and then type cmd. After this, you should open Command Prompt as Administrator. Now, you should type in the line and then tap Enter key: sfc/scannowsfc/scannow command

At last, you should wait for the procedure to complete and then Restart your computer system.

  • Run Troubleshooter:

First of all, the user should visit to Settings. Then, you should visit to Updates & Security option and then hit on Troubleshoot. After this, you should tap on Run the troubleshooter and then wait for the process to complete. Lastly, just Restart your computer.

  • Disable Onboard Graphics:

You should Restart your computer system while pressing the SHIFT key. After this, the Advanced Startup menu will open on the boot. Now, you should visit to Troubleshoot and then go to Advanced Options. At this point, you should tap on Startup Settings and then tap on Restart button. Here, you will view a window with various startup options. Then, you should press F5 in your keyboard in order to select Enable Safe Mode with Networking. You should wait for the computer to boot. If you are safe in Safe Mode, then you should open Device Manager. Next, you need to locate your onboard graphics and then right-click on it. From the menu, you should select Disable. At last, you should Restart your computer system and then check if the black box is there or not.

  • Change Brightness Settings:

In the Power Options, you should find your current power plan and then tap on Edit plan settings. After this, you should tap on the Change advanced power settings option. Here, you need to find the Display brightness setting and then set display brightness to 99% or 98% if your device is plugged in. At last, save changes and then just restart your computer.

For more help about Window 10, then visit to the site of Microsoft via

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