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How Can I Enable 2 FA Authentication in Webroot?

by grace edens (2021-12-14) – First, you have to go the Webroot Management Website and then log in just by using your account credentials. Now, the Setup 2FA screen will be there, here, you have to click on Setup 2FA or you can click on Skip for now just to continue to the Management Console. After this, you will view the Setup 2FA screen and it prompts you to pick your security questions. When it is complete, then hit on Continue. Here, you should download and install an authenticator app from the Google Play Store with working camera. If you download an authenticator app to your smart phone, then just open the app and then you need to add your personal account. After this, you have to scan the QR code shown which is there in the Management Console and then enter the entire code in the authenticator app in your device. Now, you need to hit on Verify Code. Here, the screen will show you a Verification Successful message. Then, hit on Complete Setup to finish setting up 2FA. At last, 2FA is enabled in your device.

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