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by grace edens (2021-08-28)

Google Launches New Services

Google has launched a new lite Gmail app as well as an upgraded Project Fi to help you stay in touch no matter where you are. installation free product key code

Google wants to make it easier for you to plan your next trip. Google is launching new services to help people who are wanderlust-inspiring.

Extended Project Fi Coverage

In April 2015, Google launched a mobile virtual operator (MVNO), service. Project Fi was a cellular service that provided global data coverage to Google users. The service was initially limited to Nexus 6 owners by invitation-only. However, it was eventually removed at the end of 2015. avg download ultimate key code

Project Fi, the search engine leader, recently announced that it has increased data coverage to 170 countries. This is an increase from the 135 countries in which the company had offered its services for years. Now, coverage extends to destinations such as Myanmar and Belize. T-Mobile's unlimited international data plan for post-paid plans provides coverage in 140+ countries.

Better Data Service

Project Fi doesn't charge extra for data usage in countries other than the US. No matter where you live, $10/GB is all you have to pay. Calls to the US from countries supported by Voice over IP are $0.20/minute. SMS is unlimited.

Google will tell you if Project Fi is available in the country you are visiting. webroot safe product key code

If your Gmail account contains messages about international travel (perhaps from your airline), it will notify you if your Fi app is available at the destination.

Gmail at the Go

Gmail Go, a slimmer version of Gmail, was also launched recently. Gmail Go, the newest addition to Google’s "Go" app line, is for low-end Smartphone. The app is optimized for Smartphone with basic technical specifications and takes up less space, while offering the same functionality as its predecessor. enter product key

Gmail Go uses less data than its standard version. It is useful in countries with slow internet speeds and those who sell Smartphone with less memory. activate code

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