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Ovarian Endometriosis

by Sonali Anand Verma (2021-11-28)

The ovarian endometriosis is a disease that affects women during their childbearing years. Although for many it may be an unknown pathology, the truth is that it affects a large part of the female population. The latest data indicates between 10 and 15% of women worldwide. Despite being a widespread pathology, society is not very aware of its existence.

For this reason, today we dedicate the post to explain this disease that, although not fatal, greatly reduces the quality of life of women.

What is ovarian endometriosis

Despite the damage it causes to women’s health, endometriosis is a benign disease. This disease, which until recently was only considered an ailment, is defined by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus, which causes severe pain during the days of menstruation. Endometrial tissue has been located on the outer walls of the uterus, in the tubes, in the intestine, and even in the brain. But why it happens is still unknown.

Finally, we recommend that you consult a specialist so that they can guide you and help you in the correct way. Ah! And remember that when it comes to health and well-being, Collaborative Research Group takes better care of you.

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