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work life balance

by Lena Graham (2017-12-06)

As the person who has been working with essay typer company and trying to keep up with my family I'd say the first rule is to do what it takes to put a roof over you/your family's head, food on the table, and clothes on your/their backs. After you meet those basic needs it's about balancing.

For example, I can meet all the basic physiological and safety needs (thankfully, as there are many who cannot) doing the type of engineering and project management work I do. Thus, I do not take jobs that require 24/7 connectivity/availability. In the past I have had people ask first thing in the morning about e-mails they sent after I left the office the previous day - and I reminded them that I do not check e-mails after I leave for home.

This has occasionally caused friction, but either my managers learned to deal with my not checking e-mails after work or while on vacation (along with not answering the phone unless it was a genuine emergency involving risk to humans or equipment, and not dialing in to phone or web conferences) or I found a new manager.

Will I make a corner office, much less C-suite? Highly unlikely. But I won't retire with a life's worth of missed family dinners, vacations, game nights, conversations, sporting events, school plays, band concerts, etc. I also imagine I stand a much better chance of retiring while still married to my FIRST husband, and with adult kids who still answer my phone calls and e-mails..

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