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Vivanuncios Hackathon winners visit San Francisco, US


6 September 2017, Vivanuncios the real estate portal eBay, held the first edition of INCON Real Estate Convention an event that brought together 1,600 members of the sector across the country to address issues of technology applied to the business of real estate in Mexico. Attendees enjoyed more than 25 conferences and training 2.100 minutes.

Similarly, it took place the first hackathon that brought together over 90 young Mexicans to create technological solutions that favored the work of estate agents in the country. The prize for the winning team would be a trip to Silicon Valley: cradle of the great technology companies of the 21st century.

The call brought together students from the most important universities in Mexico, such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute.

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After two elimination rounds, the team "cosmic race" took first place with its app "Happy house" whose aim was to provide a platform with which users could find the ideal house for rent and the same time generate better relationship between landlords and tenants to avoid conflicts as payment delinquencies or problems arising from the damage of a property.

The winning team posing with Goudiaby Karim, CEO of Vivanuncios.

And the great day has arrived

On 9 April, Guadalupe Ramirez Guerrero, Haziel Reyes, Mario Alberto Sanchez, Arturo Gonzalez and Edwin Hernandez traveled to San Francisco, United States to begin their adventure.

"The great day came, we were super excited to travel to the mecca of technology city of San Francisco. My emotion was so great that I couldn't sleep the day before », confesses Guadalupe.

Their first stop was at one of the ebay offices located in the center of the city and after meeting part of the team of this company, they visited the bay, they contemplated the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and some of the main avenues.

"The first day I felt like a new planet, everything was very different and new for me. The bay was a beautiful place, "recalls Mario Alberto Sanchez.

At the next day, the boys visited eBay headquarters in San Jose, California.

"We live a great experience knowing the work environment, culture and diversity that make up this great company. A large dining room waiting for us upon our arrival for breakfast as do employees of the same company. Totally free! Meet the team behind ebay was amazing. The processes that follow to accomplish their goals are worthy of admiration and it is clear why they are a great company, "says Arturo Gonzalez.

«They showed us part of the campus and what is new in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality that ebay is working on for its ecommerce store. It was incredible, "said Guadalupe.

Back in the city center, the boys visited the Palace of Fine Arts and observed the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Haziel Reyes live a difficult experience to the then miss a ride on roller skates.

At that time I decided to cross the Golden Gate and meet my mates later in the hotel. I returned to the Warming Hut Bookstore & Cafe, I took off my skates, I went to see if they had wifi but no. I decided to buy a sweatshirt because the weather was cold and had sweated a little skating. I kept walking until you reach the Golden Gate was hidden behind a dense fog. The sound of cars passing boats and creating an indescribable atmosphere, "says Haziel.

On the last day, members of the team visited Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

"We were surprised to see all the services that employees have within the campus, many areas of food and recreation so they can enjoy your day without having to travel outside the campus, we saw areas of Instagram and Oculus" said Haziel .

"Interesting culture, amazing facilities, friendly work environment and free ice cream are the kinds of things you can find on Facebook. Despite being different companies have something in common it is that they all really care about their employees and know that without them simply would not have the success they have now. It has certainly been one of the best experiences of my life, I take a lot of learning and so reflect. Vivanuncios Thank you for making this possible, said Arturo.

"Facebook is one of the most beautiful places I've seen and the best places to visit, was shocked, stunned, could not believe it. It was a great place in which any programmer or any person would be. I ended up fascinated by what I saw there, everything was from another planet. I am very glad I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco by Vivanuncios, I take a great lesson in life and new goals to accomplish, "concluded Mario.

Undoubtedly, it was a unique experience and an honor for Vivanuncios reward these young techies, because we know that they are the key to the future.



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