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Crater of Diamonds State Park for Vacationing with Kids

by travelnews site (2019-12-14)

All kids love vacation time, but if there are diamonds involved it is going to be an exceptionally exciting and educational chance for spending some quality family time. Crater of Diamonds State Park is in pike county, Arkansas and covers about 911-acre. It has a huge area of plowed field and the world’s only diamond bearing site that is open for public. You could go there and dig for some diamonds and other gemstone and you will get to keep them. If your kids are the right age, they could even make jewelry out of it which would be a great change of pace form pasta bracelets or macaroni necklaces. There are many great campsites, about 47 of them with proper facilities and even Wi-Fi which makes for the perfect outdoor excursion.

All in all, you get to make out an all-inclusive family vacation there. It would be even better if you could keep a few things in mind:

  • Adjust your kid’s expectation. They need to know that they are going to dig and look for diamond which would be great but there is a chance that they might not find any. You do not want them coming home brooding and disappointing. If you really want to spare their feeling arrange it so they find something and can be happy about it.

  • There are many other beautiful stones to found there other than Diamonds like quarts, amethyst or jasper.

  • You will be needing tools for digging, shoveling and screening. You could bring them from home or rent them out at the park.

  • If you get lucky, you can take your finding to the Diamond Discovery Center for identification and proper certification.

  • Park itself offers any programs and activities on relevant subjects like geology, diamond searching methods, nature, history and others. They also have a curriculum for schools too.

  • The park has two great trails to walk. One of them has a very scenic route of Missouri River and wind through the camping ground. It is perfect for kid looking to have some fun on scooters.

  • Bring some activity stuff for kids with you like board games because you will not be digging for diamonds the whole time.

  • The park’s other trails are more of an educational nature as it passes by its unique geological features. This trail requires and entry fee to the mine fields.

  • If your kids find nothing, you could still end the trip on a happy note by taking them to the water park within the state park. It would have to keep its existence a secret for it to successful in lifting their spirits. Of course, you will have to pack their swimsuits and safety gear in secret.

  • The water park is not open year around but only seasonally so you might want to arrange this tour accordingly.

Crater of Diamonds is a perfect location for a family vacation. It has attractions of all ages and will never send you home disappointed.

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