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Best Places to Eat and Dine in Las Vegas

by website hub (2019-11-18)

Starting as a Cowboy town, Vegas is known for accommodating the Hoover Dam while also being one of the most popular party destinations in the world. With places like Downtown Grand Las Vegas and the Bellagio, being top destinations for skill games, this town has thrived quite a bit. While gambling still stays as one of the topmost activities to do, the dining scene has really grown too. Here are some of the top highlights of the dining scene at Las Vegas:

Best places to eat in the Strip

Divided into the top areas in the city, here are our picks for the Strip:

  • Start with the multi-course cuisine at e by Jose Andres if you want to try out fancy dining.

  • The SW Steakhouse also serves Kobe Beef which is a must-try here.

  • Another of our top picks is the Mizumi at Las Vegas.

  • Even Bazaar Meat is another place for you to consider when you visit this place. 

Best places to eat in Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont East District are definitely two getaways you must consider for trying out local delicacies. Here are our picks:

  • The Hainan Chicken at Flock and Fowl is definitely to die for.

  • Pick the little sushi platters at Bocho and feel like you are in a quaint little Japanese category.

  • If you want to get away after a wild night and just sit back and relax, then the all-night cafe at Siegel’s 1941 is also another awesome place to consider.

All of these places in the Downtown are must tryouts while you can pick a stay at Downtown Grand Las Vegas if you want to stay in the vicinity.


Best places at Chinatown

If you want to experience a complete culinary fare, then Chinatown is your best place to visit. Right from Raku to District One Kitchen and Bar, there is plenty to consider here. Even the Monta Ramen is a must visit for sure.


Our top picks:

While our top pick for stay is Downtown Grand Las Vegas for people from all walks of life, we have curated a list of top restaurants for every kind of culinary experience in the city.


  • If you are big on the whole food scene, then the hottest and most coveted restaurants for you to try out include Hatsumi, Locale Italian Kitchen, and the Park MGM. If you want to gorge on to some fancy pizza, then Shanghai Pizza is another option for you.

  • As for must-try restaurants, you definitely should visit Joel Robuchon’s most popular ones. It is known for chocolates, desserts, amazing bombard dinners and is also full of lovely bread baskets.

  • For people who want to enjoy Oriental delicacies- The Black Sheep and Raku are quite the amazing picks too.


Plenty of big names in the food industry such as Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck have found a thriving fan following here. You can try them out as well, if you are looking for a fancy dining experience. We hope this dining list works well for you and you are able to have the best dining experiences during your time at Las Vegas. 

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