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Yoga while Traveling

by finance Blog (2021-02-21)

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If you’re lucky enough to be travelling, that doesn’t mean you need to put your yoga practice on hold. You can work yoga into the duration of your trip, whether in the hotel, on the beach, or to kill time on a layover at the airport. In fact, when travelling yoga may be even more important to keep your body strong. During your trip you may be placing extra strains on your body from uncomfortable seating or long days of physical exertion.

Making the time for stretching and moving can help maintain blood flow and keep you relaxed even in the most stressful of times. Once you realize you can practice yoga anywhere in the world, the possibilities really open up before you. You can maintain mindfulness and be at one with yourself no matter where you put your physical body.

How to guide my practice

There are many ways to approach your practice when on to move. If you practice yoga frequently you will be able to draw from your favourite asanas and sequences in your classes. If you’re still a beginner or don’t take much note of the instructor’s routine, don’t worry! There are multiple videos online you can access which will take you through a full yoga routine. You could also seek out yoga classes in the country you are staying in. If you want to become a Yoga Instructor, continue reading here on YOGI TIMES.

Travel can be a great opportunity to discover new techniques and ways of practicing, or even learning a new language. If you will be without internet

or in a remote location for a time, you could download videos, or take a note of recommended poses from this article.


Of course, you usually expect to do yoga on a mat. If you forgot it or didn’t have the space to pack it, that isn’t a show-stopper. You can do yoga on a hard floor, or carpet, or on your bed! You can tailor your practice according to your environment. For instance, if the floor is hard you can avoid any poses laying down, focusing on standing poses instead. In your bed you can focus on poses mostly on your hands, knees or on your back.

Clothing wise, you can wear whatever comfortable clothes you’ve packed for travelling. You could even wear your pajamas or a bathing suit, depending on where you decide to practice. There is no right or wrong way to approach it, so keep mixing it up.

Recommended poses

Some standing poses could include:

- Warrior Pose

- Mountain Pose

- Hip Opener Pose

- Chair Pose

- Tree Pose

- Standing Big Toe Pose

Poses which help to stretch your hips and legs are especially helpful when travelling. This is because of the strain on your body from sitting still for long periods, and then exerting yourself for long periods. Travel involves constant change, and yoga can provide a consistent reset.

Some other simple poses include:

- Downward Facing Dog

- Standing Split

- Half Moon Pose

- Cobra Pose

- Cat-cow

- Corpse Pose

Of course, this is an exhaustive list by no way, and I hope that it highlights the many different ways you can regularly Exercise when you're moving. Yoga has many beautiful aspects to discover, and it goes excellent with travel. Then why not try any of these fun ways to have your fill? Do any of these sentence starters connect with you? Would you like to take them along on your future travels? Please share what you tell us in the comments below.

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