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Tips to Excel Freeze Panes Not Working Issue:

by grace edens (2023-01-16)

​Microsoft Excel Freeze Panes feature is the very useful feature and is basically used to lock row or column headings. It is because when you scroll down and see the rest of the sheet, its first row and column gets stick on the screen. As a result, heading will always displays on your screen when you scroll your worksheet. To enjoy the features of Microsoft Excel, you should install Microsoft Office in your device through

Causes of Excel Freeze Panes Not Working:

​The causes of this problem are when your MS Excel worksheet is in the page layout view, when Windows protection is turned on and also when the Excel sheet is protected by the earlier versions of Excel. Because of all this issues, Excel Freeze Panes Not Work properly.
Solution To Fix MS Excel Freeze Pane Not Working Problem:

Unprotect The Worksheet:

If you want to enable the Freeze Panes option, then you should unprotect your Excel workbook. For this, you should click on the Review tab from the Excel ribbon. If there is colored background in the workbook then it is the clear indication that the protection is active. Here, you should click on to the unprotect workbook. Now, in the opened window you should type the password and hit on OK button.

Change Page Layout View:

In case, your Excel workbook is in page layout view then you should quickly change it to Page Break Preview or normal view. For this, you should click on the View tab from the Excel menu. After this, from the Workbook Views group you should select any option like normal, page break preview, or custom views.

Unfreeze Worksheet Pane:

For this, you should click to the View tab and then from the Window group, you should select the Freeze Panes arrow sign. Now from the drop-down menu, you should select the “Unfreeze Panes”. This method helps in fixing the issue.

Use Table Instead Of Freeze Top Row:

You can also format your data like a table instead of freezing top row. For this, you should go to the Home tab and then from the style group you should select the Format as Table. Now when you scroll down in your Excel sheet, your column number will have the position of header title.

Use MS Excel Repair Tool:

If above method does not work then you should use the MS Excel Repair Tool to fix the corruption issue in your Excel workbook.

The above method will help you to fix Excel Freeze Panes Not Working Issue. But if the customer needs any kind of technical assistance then they can contact to the customer care executive of Microsoft Office through

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