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Claritox Pro solution - How can I lose my belly fat in a week?

by sherly sylvia (2021-07-13)

We propose a few snacks with less than 100 kcal to take in the afternoon and kill the bug until dinner time.
Although we are not in the habit of having a midweek snack, because many times there is no time, it is enough that holidays arrive with free time for a snack to be necessary at snack time. And I don't know if it is that leisure whets my appetite or is it that sometimes the fact of enjoying a while of rest encourages me to enjoy other things that I like and then I want to snack on something delicious. Come on, if I'm busy doing things I can forget that food exists, but it is enough for me to stay at home for a relaxing afternoon to make me feel like having a snack.
And as I know myself, because whenever I foresee that I am going to have a lazy afternoon at home, I try to have a few things on hand with which to improvise these snacks with less than 100 kcal and which are perfect to kill the bug until the time comes. dinner time.
Snacks with less than 100 kcal for a quick snack
Blueberries fresh from the fridge and not overripe, a cup has only about 80 calories and is a delicious snack loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.
If what you want is not to snack but to eat something that will take away your hunger, hard-boiled eggs - which can be pickled - are a good option. A hard-boiled egg does not reach 80 calories either and provides 6 grams of protein.
Now that we are in season, an orange or a large tangerine barely provides 60 calories, but it is satisfying thanks to the fiber if we eat it whole instead of the juice. It is also entertaining to peel it, separate the segments and enjoy it slowly.
A cup of strawberries does not reach 50 calories, so for less than 100 you can have up to 2 cups which are a good handful of strawberries to be entertained for a long time.
A low-fat portion of Burgos cheese is about 75 calories that provide us with between 8 and 10 grams of protein. We can also add a touch of sweetener or a little defatted cocoa powder.
A small handful of unsalted raw or roasted almonds (between 10 and 15 almonds) will be perfect to overcome the evening slump as they provide healthy proteins, minerals and monounsaturated fats.
100 grams of carrots have 40 calories, so we can take up to a quarter of a kilo of carrot crudités and stay at 100 kcal. Without a doubt, a fabulous solution for when we have a craving for something very crunchy.
If you prefer, a handful of between 20 and 25 pistachios have between 80 and 100 kcal that provide all the benefits we are talking about here.
Popcorn that is already ready in a bag to make in the microwave is not healthy at all, but if you make it at home without fat and in the micro as we teach you here and you flavor it with a little salt, pepper and spices, you can serve up to 3 cups without the count going over 100 calories which, if you eat them one by one to last a while, they can be quite a feast.
If you want to cook it a little more and don't mind taking out the mandolin, these vegetable chips that are made in the microwave have very few calories, especially the zucchini (23 calories per 100 g of raw zucchini) that you can almost eat all chips that come out of half a kilo of fresh zucchini without exceeding 100 calories. No more missing the potato chip bags
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