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by fiona basil (2021-03-20)

Obesity has become a great risk factor for the coronavirus and here we tell you the reasons and how to prevent it in your family.
This is a Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS) or severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which is caused by viruses from animals that mutate and end up being transmitted to other living beings.
Since this pandemic began, different countries began to report that people with obesity had a greater risk of having a poor evolution of covid-19, which is why it is considered one of the risk factors for the virus.
The inflammation that occurs from obesity affects the body's immune system response against infectious diseases. According to Mario Flores, Director of Nutrition Surveillance at CINyS, this condition, combined with a poor diet, can make a person more vulnerable.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States indicate that severe obesity, which refers to a body mass index greater than 40, is a factor for complications in people with covid-19. Excess abdominal fat compresses the diaphragm, which reduces lung capacity and therefore worsens the course of the disease.
Another alarming factor, in addition to the fact that obesity levels in the Mexican population are quite high, these are usually associated with other conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, which are also considered risky for the coronavirus.
For this reason, specialists recommend reducing the consumption of processed products, following a balanced diet, consulting a specialist and practicing regular physical activity from home.
• Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and nuts.
• Reduce your fat intake.
• Substitute unsaturated for saturated fats.
• Reduce the consumption of sugars.
• Eat 3 to 5 meals a day.
• Take care of meal times and do not skip them.
• Include the different food groups during the diet.
• Cooking with healthier methods such as baking, steaming, boiling or grilling.
• Maintain good hydration throughout the day.
• Prepare food at home and choose healthy options when shopping.
• Take care of the portions that are eaten daily.
• Consult a nutritionist or specialist who can guide you on the specific needs of your body.
• Inform yourself about your body mass index.
• Encourage a good diet and healthy habits in the whole family.

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