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The Matrix Manifestation Program Reviews

by sherly sylvia (2021-02-01)

When we do not know the principles of the Law of Attraction, the manifestation power materializes that which is constantly present in our mind. If, in addition, we generate strong feelings and vibrations, the faster they become reality. If you remember the movie where a character named Freddy Krueger, he was fueled by fear and made all nightmares come true.
Another cause of failure is the misapplication of the Law of Attraction. We have heard that you just have to ask the Universe, believe or have faith and receive. Indeed, it is in short that easy. The problem lies in what is within each of these steps. We ask the Universe for things that we do not believe in or that we believe are very difficult to achieve.
The ideas and concepts that we have accumulated over time have given rise to feelings and emotions. We all have internal conflicts because of that. It is common to want something but have a negative charge about it. For example, we want money but that subject, money, distresses and worries us since we associate the concept of “lack of” with the word money. If we analyze each thing we want, we must check if we have blocks on it.
The power of manifestation is impressive and works every moment in all spheres of the Universe. The demonstration itself is not a result but rather a path that we always travel. The more control we have of that power that, I insist, is within us, the better results we will obtain. I know you find it hateful that I mean that we must assume our responsibility for both the good and the bad that we materialize, but it is necessary to start from that principle.

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