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Dentitox Pro - Oils for silky smooth hands

by faina marco (2021-06-16)

Normally we do not give much importance to our hands as we do to our face, but having soft and smooth hands is not something difficult to achieve, and even more so if you know how to choose the best natural remedies to have them more cared for than ever and with a lot of vitality.
The need to take care of your hands
The hand care is absolutely necessary, and it is essential, especially during the winter if you want to have soft hands and they are not damaged in this weather. Your face may have a youthful look; however, your neglected hands may not have a bearing on how good your face looks.
Due to the fact that the skin of the hands is delicate, wrinkles form, if they are not taken care of. You can take care of your hands with simple home remedies, which are more like reminders that will help you have soft and supple skin.
Simple tips for soft and smooth hands
• Use rubber gloves in the kitchen work, laundry, gardening etc.
• Keep a hand cream or lotion nearby and remember to apply it at work intervals if you are one of those who wash your hands frequently.
• Don't ignore your hands when applying sunscreen to your face.
• Keep your hands hydrated.
Home remedies for smooth and healthy hands
Here are some simple home remedies for soft, supple, youthful hands that can be very helpful, especially if you've been neglecting the appearance of your hands for a long time.
Oils for silky smooth hands
Coconut oil applied to chapped hands helps to heal easily. But avoid going out in the sun, as it could tan your hands. It is ideal for use at night. Massage the hands with olive oil, which makes the skin soften.
Olive oil or sunflower flower oil, when applied to the hand helps to relieve chapped skin. These simple home remedies offer a great result for hand care and chapped hands during the winter season.
Make a paste with pea powder with coconut oil and apply and use instead of soap, for soft and hydrated skin on your hands. This is a very effective scrub. The powder can also be substituted for besan or chickpea flour.
Shea butter is rich in vitamin A, E, and F, which contributes to clear, healthy skin. It's great for keeping wrinkles at bay, and effective for chapped hands.
Make a paste of chickpea flour, cottage cheese, and aloe vera gel and apply it to your hands. Wash immediately after 15 minutes and you will find the skin of your hands smooth as silk.
A teaspoon of glycerin, half a tablespoon of lemon juice and a little rose water, mix and apply twice a day, it leaves hands soft.
Fresh cream mixed with a little lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar, when you massage it into your hands and wash it helps the skin to soften.
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