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Keto Advantage Keto Burn - More important questions about fever

by faina marco (2021-07-26)

Everything you need to know about fever
Winter is approaching and with it the usual colds, flu, etc., which can lead to the appearance of fever. In this post we review what fever is and its most important aspects.
What is fever?
We call the increase in body temperature a fever. The temperature of our body is a function that is controlled by the thermoregulatory center located in the brain, which acts as a thermostat, indicating which is the most suitable temperature for the body in each situation.
However, it is not a disease, but a defense mechanism that is activated when the body is fighting disease. We speak of low-grade fever if the fever is below 38º C and of fever if this temperature is exceeded.
The body temperature varies throughout the day, being lowest in the morning and highest in the late afternoon, when can reach 37.7 ° C and be perfectly normal.
Causes of fever
The most common cause of fever is infections, but it can also be caused by inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and some malignant diseases.
Very high fever should be treated urgently, as well as in cases of febrile seizures in children, pregnant women, the elderly, or in patients with heart, lung or brain problems.
The most common symptoms of fever are:
• Feeling cold and chills
• Sweating
• Dehydration
• Headache and muscle aches
• Loss of appetite
• Irritability
• Weakness
More important questions about fever
Since 2014, the sale of mercury thermometers has been prohibited, so it is recommended to use a digital thermometer to know the exact graduation, since other methods may not be very reliable. The temperature measurement can be done in the armpit, in the mouth (under the tongue) and in the rectum.
From 38 degrees you should try to lower the fever. You can help a warm bath, never ice, drink plenty of water, and take ibuprofen or paracetamol. However, you should not take antibiotics without your doctor's advice.
When your fever starts to rise you usually feel chills and when it goes down it is usual to feel hot flashes and sweat to release excess heat. Fever is not the same in children as in adults, since in minors it appears more easily, is usually higher and lasts for more days.
In any case, we recommend that you go to the doctor if the fever does not subside in 48 hours or if it exceeds 40ºC. At Afemefa, we have the best professionals who will be delighted to assist you. Take a look at our medical chart.
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