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The Smilz CBD Full Spectrum - How often should your dry brush your body?

by faina marco (2021-04-23)

Getting better sleep and sleeping through the night can be a result of this daily dry brushing regimen that also helps maintain smooth, healthy skin.
Our skin is the largest organ in the body; It absorbs whatever you put into it and it also plays a key role in removing toxins. It is estimated that the skin sheds more than a pound of waste every day.
Dry brushing benefits
Many people spend more time exfoliating their face to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores; However, this should also be done on the rest of the body as well. This can easily be done by dry brushing for just a few minutes each day.
Dry brushing has many health benefits, from improving the immune system to helping to reduce cellulite.
Not only are there great health benefits, dry brushing is also very relaxing. It is advisable to dry brush just before going to bed. In this way, by stimulating circulation, it can help you fall asleep better, just like a refreshing bath can.
How is dry brushing? Dry brushing involves using a brush to gently brush the skin without water. It is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes.
Benefits of brushing
Dry brushing provides numerous health benefits. Many say that after spending a few minutes’ dry brushing their skin, they feel rejuvenated and energized. It is a very relaxing way to massage the skin.
1. Increased Circulation
Brushing helps to improve circulation throughout the body and blood flow, this works in the same way as a technique for exfoliating damp skin.
2. Stimulates the lymphatic system
The dry brushing process stimulates the lymphatic system which aids in the body's ability to remove toxins naturally.
3. Improves the immune system
Increased circulation and elimination of toxins prompts the immune system to work better while your body detoxifies, which helps clean impurities from the skin from within.
4. Eliminate Toxins
Brushing the skin contributes to the detoxification of the body, circulation is increased and the lymphatic system is stimulated helping in the elimination of toxins and dead skin cells.
5. Eliminate dead skin and improve the appearance of skin
It helps remove dead skin cells, which tend to clog pores, and allows your skin to breathe and regain a rejuvenated appearance for more beautiful and well-groomed legs and feet.
6. Reduces cellulite
Dry brushing helps increase stimulation and blood circulation which helps minimize the appearance of cellulite on the legs.
7. Avoid spider veins and varicose veins
Focusing brushing in the leg area helps increase circulation and blood flow, move the brush in an upward direction, this way you can counteract the appearance of veins on the legs and spider veins.
Additional benefits of brushing
In addition to the dry brushing benefits listed above, there are several more benefits which are listed below:
• Improves the quality of sleep Dry brushing just before going to bed makes it possible for you to sleep through the night and to fall asleep faster
• Cortisol decrease Dry brushing is very relaxing and helps calm the nerves. The relaxing nature of dry brushing and increased circulation tends to reduce stress levels.
• Eliminate canne You can notice a change in just a few days in terms of the disappearance of acne. This is due to increased circulation and the body's ability to better eliminate toxins.
How to do dry brushing
1. Make sure your skin is dry and that you don't have any products or lotions on it.
2. With the dry brush, begin to gently brush the skin, making long sweeping movements from the feet upwards. Some people prefer to do circular movements, you must identify which is the method that best suits your skin type and its results.
3. Begin brushing from the feet, as the picture above shows, you should do it on your legs from the bottom up.
4. Brush from your belly button to your lower abdomen, and then from your belly button to your heart.
5. Next, work from your hands to your chest, doing one arm at a time. Next, brush the lower part of the neck towards the collarbone. Also brush from the lower back up.
6. You should brush your entire body. Some use a similar method and gently brush the face as well. but for your face you can try natural facial peeling.
The main idea is that for dry brushing, it is important to start from the feet and from there reach all other areas of the body as if it were a path, this allows the lymphatic system in the body to drain optimally.
Dry brushing tips:
• Do dry brushing gently, especially the first time to avoid irritation or redness.
• Use only gentle pressure, your skin should not be red or irritated afterwards. When skin gets used to dry brushing, a little more pressure can be added.
• You should always brush in the direction towards the heart, this favors blood circulation.
What type of brush should you use?
Make sure to use a brush that is specifically designed for dry brushing or body brushing. Select a brush that has natural bristles, not synthetic bristles. Synthetic bristles can be too harsh on the skin. Some brushes have a long handle and some have shorter handles, this just depends on your preference.
You should try several until you find the one that best suits your needs, since they are not usually very expensive.
How often should it be done?
Dry brushing should be done every day, preferably twice a day, but even just one time will be very beneficial, and as we mentioned earlier, it is advisable to do it at night to get better benefits for rest.
Many say that it is best to do it before showering or before going to bed. It is best to do it before the shower, this way your skin will be drier and you should also do it before applying any skin products or lotions.
How long should brushing last?
Dry brushing should only take a few minutes. It's easy to add to your morning or evening routine, as it only takes a very short time.
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