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Z-Tox Flat Belly Burn Supplement - What should I eat for dinner if I want to lose weight?

by faina marco (2021-03-19)

If you don't rest well and want to lose weight, there are certain foods that you shouldn't eat at night. We tell you what they are
If you don't like diets and you sleep badly, what we are going to tell you may interest you. In fact, being overweight and insomnia are closely related, because the less we sleep, the worse we eat (we tend to eat more and more simple carbohydrates).
To lose weight without following strict diets or following rules, you have to know, at a minimum, what foods to eat, especially at night. The dinners are crucial when trying to lose weight, because as the day progresses, our metabolism is slowing down, which makes what we eat more fattening.
Foods that you should not eat at night if you want to lose weight and sleep well
Not getting a good night's rest is more serious than we usually think: it can be the source of all kinds of problems, from traffic accidents to mental health illnesses. Plus, it can increase your risk of obesity (sleep deprivation reduces your willpower and triggers hunger hormones), heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.
The insomnia is, in fact, the disorder sleep that affects more people in Spain, with an incidence of between 20 and 30%.
For all this it is very important to know what we can eat at night and what not. We already told you the foods that were ideal to take before going to sleep. Today we go with the forbidden when the sun goes down:
1) Starchy foods
The potatoes, pasta and rice are examples of starchy foods that often make for dinner, and it is wrong. These foods are metabolized into sugar and increase your blood sugar level, which is not a good thing as it will not be burned for energy and will be stored as fat.
2) Simple carbohydrates
In addition to the previously mentioned foods, in this group of simple carbohydrates we also find cereals, fruits, juices, soft drinks, pizzas ... They are foods that have a high glycemic index, which basically means that it is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It gives us a boost of energy that we are not going to use and that will keep us alert at night, preventing us from resting well.
3) Spicy foods
The spicy foods are not good for dinner, as they can cause heartburn, especially if we go to bed shortly after eating them.
4) Fatty foods
These foods should be limited as part of a healthy diet, but even more so at night, as they are difficult to digest and affect the gastrointestinal tract.
5) Red meat
The red meat, such as steaks, has a high protein content, but are also difficult to digest, as with the aforementioned vegetables. In addition to at night, you should also limit the consumption of this type of food as much as possible, since it is quite reviled by the World Health Organization (WHO).
6) Alcohol
Although alcohol can make you 'sleepy' and fall asleep right away, you will almost certainly wake up in the middle of the night. This is because alcohol is metabolized and its sedative effects wear off.
You should limit your alcohol consumption three hours before going to bed, to give your body time to metabolize all the drink.
7) Dark chocolate
An ounce of dark chocolate at night has been shown to have no effect on weight gain, but it does contain amino acids that make you alert, just like cheeses.
8) Cruciferous vegetables
Although vegetables are super healthy and loaded with vitamins, cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, contain a lot of insoluble fiber, which takes a long time to digest.
If you eat this type of vegetable before going to bed, your body will continue to work to digest it while you try to fall asleep, something that will be quite difficult, because your body will be on alert.

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