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Serenity Prime Tinnitus Reviews - Can the flu go away quickly?

by sherly sylvia (2021-11-17)

You have heard it a thousand times, but no, drinking orange juice does not cure the flu or the cold, nor does it prevent you from catching the cold.
It is perhaps one of the best-known grandmother remedies, it does not matter if it is a flu or a simple cold, it is most likely that your grandmother as soon as she hears you sneeze, she will run quickly and quickly to prepare an orange or citrus juice that will catch her by hand at that time.
The reason? That the vitamin C of oranges would be your salvation or at least it would save you suffering.
My grandfather, whom I knew little, but I always remember as a very wise man, laughing at all these things, he said that the cold with medicine, seven days, and without medicine, a week. Come on, it didn't matter if you drank the orchard made into juice, that the days of discomfort you were going to have to spend yes or yes.
You have also read or heard that taking vitamin C regularly prevents you from catching the flu or catching a cold. And that is not just a matter of grandmothers, because in the middle of the last century, Linus Pauling, a renowned scientist who was awarded two Nobel prizes (the one for Chemistry in 1954 and the one for Peace in 1962), dedicated a large part of his life to defend the benefits of vitamin C, not only as a remedy to prevent colds but he even argued that it could reduce mortality from cancer.
The truth is that orange juice does not cure the flu
In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, studies have continued to show not only that Pauling was wrong in his claims, but that too much vitamin C consumption can lead to gastrointestinal problems - because yes, oranges due to their great amount of fiber, can be good allies in a case of constipation, but if we abuse it, we can end up suffering the opposite ... The WHO (World Health Organization, says that with 45 mg / day we have enough vitamin C).
In January 2013, in the study “Vitamin C to Prevent and Treat the Common Cold,” 29 previous studies compared the results to find out if vitamin C reduces the incidence, duration or intensity of the cold both when used as a supplement in a way. regular as used as therapy once cold symptoms have begun to manifest. The overall result was that the consumption of vitamin C as a supplement is not justified as it is not effective in reducing the incidence of colds in the general population. Although some of the reviewed studies concluded that vitamin C supplementation shortened the duration of the cold in some subjects, these conclusions could not be verified in subsequent studies.
In short, given that orange juice is cheap and in moderation no one is going to harm anyone, it is best for each one to test whether it is good for him to take it when he has a cold or if, on the contrary, it has the same effect as drink a glass of water, which is important, drink fluids so as not to dehydrate during cold episodes.

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