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BioFit Probiotic Reviews - Cucumber and parsley mask removes stains

by faina marco (2021-06-03)

Home remedies with which you can prepare anti-aging masks, natural creams and preparations to exfoliate the face and some parts of the body to remove stains from the skin.
Grandma's recipes to remove various spots on the skin
The spots that occur on the skin can be the result of various causes, such as diseases, body responses, level of toxicity, age spots, weather, etc. Some of them can be treated naturally as we will see below.
Hair spots
A recipe to reduce the appearance of hair spots is made with 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons of milk, and aloe vera pulp. The lemon is squeezed and mixed with the milk. Apply it to the affected area and when it is dry add the aloe vera pulp (the aloe vera pulp must be clean, wash it before to remove the iodine) and cover it with gauze. Leave it on for several hours and rinse with water.
Spots on the face
Put a yuca to boil until it softens. Make a yuca puree and apply it on your face. Effective to erase the cloth and scars caused by acne.
General skin spots
To remove blemishes from the face in general, crush the bulb of a May onion (hymenocallis harrisiana) and spread it on the spots every night.
Sun spots
Make a thick mixture of lemon and sugar and apply it to the stain for twenty minutes and then wash. Do it only at night and wash your face well the next day before going out in the sun.
Home remedies to remove skin blemishes
These home remedies are the most effective for removing skin blemishes naturally, because their ingredients provide our cells with what they need, and can help regenerate the skin while showing a rejuvenated appearance.
Yogurt and carrot for skin blemishes
Yogurt and carrots are good home remedies to remove stains. Apply plain yogurt (without any flavor) on the spots on the face and top with carrot slices. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.
Cucumber and parsley mask removes stains
Like lemon, parsley and cucumber also have bleaching effects. A recipe for removing skin blemishes can be made by mixing 5 tablespoons of blended cucumber, 5 tablespoons of crushed parsley, 5 tablespoons of sesame oil or wheat germ oil. Put it in a glass jar and close it well. It is stored in a dark place for a few days and then applied in compresses for 20 minutes to the stains. He washes his face.
Apple vinager
Apply a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar every day and leave it for 20 minutes. Then put a layer of plain unflavored yogurt for about 20 minutes. and then rinse
Coconut cream
Another homemade ingredient that is used to remove stains on the skin is coconut cream. It should be applied every night.
Clay mask to remove skin blemishes
2 tablespoons of clay, half an orange, the juice of a carrot. Mix it all up and apply it on your face. Leave it until it dries and takes on a hard consistency.
Onion and vinegar
The onion is good for removing stains on the skin. Vinegar is a natural peel. Crush an onion and mix with vinegar. Apply directly to the stain and leave for 15 minutes and then wash off. If you feel irritation wash immediately. Do not expose yourself to the sun after using this remedy.
Lemon juice with tomato juice
Tomato juice is very beneficial for removing skin blemishes due to its vitamin A content. You can mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of tomato juice, stir and apply with a cotton ball on the spots. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it off.
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