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ProMind Complex - How does physical activity affect weight loss?

by faina marco (2021-03-08)

Today, losing weight and reducing size is often linked to having a gym membership, shoes and special equipment or a rigorous diet that can cause some nutritional deficiencies. But before that sort of thing was invented, many people had to exercise only using their body weight.
Throughout history, exercises using body weight have been a constant component of physical training regimens to reduce weight. And in large part due to its inexpensive and effective nature, proper physical movements have been shown to work.
Physical movements to reduce weight
These kinds of exercises are used to train athletes and have become a staple of many of the best bodybuilding and fat burning workouts available anywhere.
Below you can see the 5 most effective physical movements to help burn fat in the shortest possible time:
1. Jump
Jumps are basic exercises and you may have done them in preschool, but that doesn't mean they aren't effective.
The jumping jacks can help burn fat, but the real reason is at the top of the list it is because they are a great way to get warm. Performing jumps before your workouts can help you prepare the body for exercise, make the training more effective and thereby increase the chances of burning fat.
How to do the exercise
• To do it, you just have to stand up and bend both knees until you are sitting on your heels, once in this position you will have to jump. A series of 10 repetitions in 3 sessions will be enough for you to feel the effectiveness of this exercise.
2. Push-ups
Push-ups (push-ups) are one of the best exercises for strengthening your upper body. They could even be done with dumbbells. They are highly recommended exercises because they help us develop great strength, and they are safer for the shoulder muscles than many other exercises with weights. Also, there are tons of variations to make them more difficult.
If you want to know how to perform the exercises correctly, you can follow the following tips:
• Keep your head, neck, torso, and hips in a straight line. (this helps work your abs better)
• Keep the elbows close to the body, you should not leave it open.
• It is important that each movement, both up and down, be controlled so as not to force other muscles and cause discomfort the other day.
If when performing push-ups, you find that they are difficult for your condition, try starting by doing the exercise with your hands on a wall and flexing your arms. Over time, you can try going lower, for example using a sturdy table or chair, until you are finally ready to do the push-ups on the floor.
3. Squats
Squats are often considered the king of exercises. That's because they involve a lot of muscles when exercising, and in turn it means that it can help burn a lot of calories. You have learned to squat as it is a natural movement but you may have forgotten how to do it. Therefore, below you will learn some tips to do squats in the right way.
• You should be standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.
• Keep your feet firmly on the ground, then lower your body by pushing your hips back and bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
• Pause and quickly stand up and start over.
4. Burpees
Burprees is a truly amazing exercise that helps burn calories, helping to enhance the strength of the entire body. Exercise can be tough at first, so it's important to know how to start off quietly, with low reps, and at intervals until you are more fit and practiced. You just have to follow these simple steps:
1. First, get into a squatting position (as shown above).
2. At the bottom of the squat, your hands should touch the weight in front of you.
3. Bring your feet back and stay in that position with your hands on the ground.
4. Return feet to squat position as quickly as possible.
5. Immediately jump into the air as high as you can and repeat the exercise again.
The good thing about burpees is that it turns out to be a very complete exercise in itself, since it involves a series of muscles that can be worked all at the same time, which makes it a high intensity exercise. This means that you will not only burn calories but also increase your metabolism, so you can burn additional calories throughout the rest of the day.
5. Jump rope
Jumping rope is the only exercise on this list that requires some equipment, but a rope is very easy to acquire. Similar to the jumping exercise, jumping rope is a great way to warm up, but the good thing about it is that you can exercise more and more as you get more practice in handling the rope and your physical condition.
With these physical movements you will be making sure to lose a few kilos and reduce weight in a completely healthy way.
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