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by rwna rloh (2020-03-21)

Les Vitalities Cream Rinse with warm water, if necessary, lubricate the face with a moisturizer. The mask is highly effective. If you apply it 2 times a week, the result - smooth, even, toned and radiant skin - will be noticeable after 15 days. Beat the egg white in a strong foam, gently inject the juice of cucumber and lemon and quickly apply on the face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and brush with a moisturizer. With the regular use of this mask (2 times a week), you can refuse aggressive anti-acne products that destroy the structure of the skin and dry it. In this case, the skin will be even and clean. Expanded pores on the face often cause discomfort, and are also a cause of embarrassment for women who have oily skin. Usually, pores are most visible on the nose, chin, and forehead. And no matter how the ladies try to disguise them under a layer of tonal foundation, it is useless. Moreover, a thick layer of cosmetics looks untidy, and sometimes even vulgar. In addition, the foundation clogs the pores and can lead to microinflammation. Today, there are many effective ways to narrow pores. Many beauty salons offer special treatments. Professional care can give tangible results in a short time. Such procedures include, for example, cryo- massage , which is carried out using liquid nitrogen. As a rule, cold contributes to the narrowing of solids, respectively, and pores. For the same purpose (only at home) you can use ice. Wipe your face with a piece of ice in the morning. For its preparation, you can use decoctions of chamomile, aloe juice or green tea. You can also narrow the skin using the Darsonval procedure: the skin is exposed to high-frequency currents. In this case, the skin, succumbing to the reflex, acquires a tone and becomes more elastic. In order to narrow the pores at home , you can use folk remedies. In terms of prevention, facial masks aimed at narrowing the pores well help. Make clay masks.

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